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Working on Indigenous Lands

Working on Indigenous Lands

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Avoid miscommunication by learning about the commitments the Crown has made to Indigenous peoples communities.  

This online course explains the importance of the constitution and treaties to Indigenous peoples.  

Developed for employees working on or nearby Indigenous peoples’ lands. 

Understanding and respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples and their lands helps build a bridge for future cooperation and collaboration.  

What You'll Learn 

  • Learn respectful practices on Indigenous peoples’ lands 
  • Discover the duty to consult and accommodate  
  • Explore the numbered treaties 
  • Understand the responsibilities of consultation officers 
  • Learn about the culture and history of Indigenous peoples 
  • Identify the “Not in my backyard” moments 
  • Recognize your role and responsibility 
  • And more... 

Additional Info 

The Social Awareness Group provides the information, guidance, and technology that allows Industry and Indigenous communities to achieve success together. 

  • The senior leadership team is made of Indigenous, Métis, and non-Indigenous professionals across two continents.
  • They believe Industry plays a crucial role in mending the bridges between Indigenous people and those who have impacted their rights in the past.  
  • They exist to provide the innovative tools necessary to facilitate more meaningful, objective, and transparent conversations in the industrial relationship. 


  • Learn on your schedule. Anytime. Anywhere. 
  • Engage with interactive puzzles, games, and quizzes. 
  • Get it wrong? It’s okay. Explore and discover.  
  • Instant support. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.  
  • Bite-sized content for proven and efficient learning, that’s fun!


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