our story

Established in 2016 by siblings Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal, Naheyawin is a proudly Indigenous-owned social enterprise based in amiskwacîwâskahikan, or Edmonton, Alberta. With a passion for Indigenous perspectives, storytelling, and education, our mission is to reignite the spirit of peace, friendship, and understanding inherent in the Numbered Treaties, fostering harmonious relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

By employing a unique approach to Indigenous consulting, Naheyawin has impacted various organizations, including for-profit businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. Through our impactful training and unforgettable cultural experiences, we help organizations unlock the transformative power of Indigenous ways of knowing and being, enhancing their diversity and inclusion strategies.

our team

Meet the passionate and dedicated individuals behind Naheyawin, each bringing unique skills and experiences to empower communities and drive meaningful change through storytelling and consulting.

jacquelyn cardinal


Jacquelyn Cardinal is a passionate and innovative entrepreneur who has devoted her career to fostering understanding and healing between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. As a sakāwithiniwak (Woodland Cree) from Sucker Creek Cree First Nation, Jacquelyn co-founded Naheyawin with her brother Hunter Cardinal to pursue their shared mission of bridging the gap through storytelling and consulting. Jacquelyn serves as the CEO of Naheyawin, where she combines her exceptional skills in Indigenous consulting, entrepreneurship, and belief in the healing power of storytelling.

Having received multiple awards, including the Esquao Award for Achievement in Business and the SHEInnovates Award from the UN Women's Global Innovation Coalition for Change, Jacquelyn continues to inspire and empower communities in her various roles. As a skilled writer and producer, she co-wrote the critically acclaimed play Lake of the Strangers with Hunter Cardinal, which earned the 2019 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding New Play. With an unwavering dedication to building stronger communities, Jacquelyn's work has earned her a reputation as a trusted leader in the equity, diversity, and inclusion sector.

hunter cardinal

director of story

Hunter Cardinal is a multi-talented actor, storyteller, and advocate for bridging Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives. Hailing from the Sucker Creek Cree First Nation, Hunter co-founded Naheyawin with his sister Jacquelyn Cardinal to utilize storytelling as a powerful tool for fostering healing and understanding in diverse communities. As the Director of Story at Naheyawin, Hunter combines his passion for storytelling with his responsibility as a Treaty person to help develop innovative systems that make space for marginalized communities.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta, Hunter has been recognized for his artistic talents, earning accolades such as Edmonton's Best Actor by Vue Magazine and Edify's Top 40 Under 40. Alongside his sister Jacquelyn, Hunter co-wrote and produced the critically acclaimed play Lake of the Strangers, which showcases his unique ability to engage and inspire audiences of all backgrounds.

Together, Jacquelyn and Hunter create an indomitable team at Naheyawin, where their dedication to serving Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities has cultivated a strong and trusted reputation in consulting, storytelling, and reconciliation.

  • lewis cardinal


    A Doctor of Sacred Letters and an influential figure in public service and human rights, Lewis offers invaluable insight, drawing from his extensive background in Indigenous issues and community engagement.

  • Alex Janvier


    A renowned Dene artist, environmental and First Nations advocate, and Order of Canada recipient, Alex provides a wealth of wisdom and artistic guidance. He is dedicated to preserving Indigenous culture and nurturing connections among communities.

  • Douglas Cardinal


    An internationally renowned architect and Officer of the Order of Canada, Douglas finds inspiration in the connections between people and nature. His creative vision and expertise have fundamentally informed Naheyawin's work, and continues to do so.